Delegate Kipke has earned a solid reputation as an effective conservative Anne Arundel leader.

His core focus is opposing the state's poor fiscal management, opposing tax increases, and stopping burdensome regulation that hurt Maryland employers. He has earned the support of taxpayer protection organizations, civic leaders, and government waste watchdog groups.

Since being elected in 2006 and re-elected in 2010, Delegate Kipke has taken strong stands on the following issues:

  • STATE BUDGET - Voted against every state budget that grows faster than existing taxes can support (all budgets 2008-2013).
  • TAXES - Voted against every new tax and every tax increase. Maryland ranks among the top four most taxed states in the nation. The reputation and the reality of high taxes depress our economy. New employers avoid making Maryland their home, employers shut down, retirees flee the state because of burdensome taxes, and the middle class suffers because of the high cost of living.
  • WELFARE REFORM - For the past several years, Delegate Kipke has sponsored legislation to require drug testing as a condition of eligability to receive welfare benefits. Unfortunately, the bill fails to receive enough support to pass. He successfully passed an amendment to ban Maryland casinos from accepting welfare cards.
  • TOUGH ON CRIMINALS - Whether a child molester, burglar, drug dealer, gang member, or just a common criminal, Delegate Kipke always takes the hard line to ensure the laws deliver the maximum penalty possible. He believes our judicial system is too liberal and needs to better deliver justice to victims.
  • ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION - While Delegate Kipke supports legal immigrants who do the right thing and follow the legal path to residency and citizenship, he opposes policies that make Maryland a "sanctuary state" for illegal immigrants. He co-sponsored legislation to stop giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and voted against giving taxpayer funded in-state tuition at Maryland colleges to those not in this country legally. He also opposes giving illegal immigrants welfare benefits.
  • SECOND AMENDMENT - Delegate Kipke has an "A” rating from the National Rifle Association. He supports laws that protect the rights of sportsmen. He also believes that a good defense is a good offence which is why he supports concealed carry permits, and believes that your home is your castle and that homeowners have the right to protect themselves with lethal force.
  • ELECTION FRAUD - Delegate Kipke has sponsored legislation to require a photo I.D. when voting in Maryland.
  • PROTECTING SMALL BUSINESS & PROFESSIONALS - Delegate Kipke passed laws to protect small businesses and professionals. He passed legislation to protect businesses like the hot dog stands at hardware stores from being shut down by government. He repealed the "soda fountain tax" that would have cost Maryland restaurants millions each year. He has also passed laws to allow dental hygienists to be allowed to do all of the work that they are trained to do in college.

The fact is that Delegate Kipke's conservative beliefs are wildly outnumbered by a much more liberal majority. Because of Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and Baltimore City, there are few moderates and fewer conservative Delegates in the Maryland House of Delegates and the Senate. However, Delegate Kipke has effectively amended legislation and passed bills to protect the interests of Maryland taxpayers.

Recently, he took a leading role to utilize Maryland's petition to referendum process, a right granted to Maryland citizens through the state constitution. This has resulted in giving voters the ultimate say in several important issues like in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, undoing gerrymandered congressional districts, and whether or not to allow same sex marriage in Maryland.


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